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I am shamelessly in all the fandoms and have sold my soul to Tom Hiddleston. I regret nothing.

My name is Willow Wood; I've heard all the jokes. I am 5ft tall. INFJ. You will probably see a lot of muggle quidditch posts around World Cup time as it's the only sport I've ever been invested in. DFTBA!

Day 17 — Part that makes you teary

I cry a lot at Harry Potter, so lets define ‘teary’ as ‘dribbles in the eye’ but not ‘sobbing in the corner and chewing on your pillow’.

I tried to think of something happy. But I couldn’t.

I chose this scene because it’s the first scene that comes to mind. Dumbledoor and Dobby’s death scenes make me sob like a broken over saturated sponge. But this one just makes me dribbly. Things were going to be better. Harry was going to have a home away from Hogwarts. This is one of those moments where I always think, “maybe this time he won’t die…”

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